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“If a helmet is like a shield for your head, gloves are the shield for your hands.”

On today's roads, besides worrying about driving safety, you also need to pay attention to your attire, especially safety gear that can protect you from danger. One of these essential items is "gloves" for riding. What exactly can this piece of gear protect you from? We have the answers.

1. Helps protect against injuries during accidents while riding.

Because unexpected events can happen on the road at any moment, especially if you ride a motorcycle daily, such as being a motorcycle taxi driver or a deliveryman. Wearing gloves while riding prevents your hands from coming into direct contact with the handlebars. Daily contact with the handlebars, combined with the hot weather in Thailand, can affect your riding experience. Moreover, wearing gloves while riding can undoubtedly help protect you from injuries in case of an accident, as motorcycle gloves are designed to support various parts of your hands.

2. Wearing gloves to protect your skin from the sun.

Yes, the sunlight in our country can be quite harsh, as many deliverymen are well aware. You wouldn't want your skin to be tan on one part and white on another, right? Therefore, wearing gloves to cover your hands is a good choice for both stylish men and cute ladies.

3. Reduces Rough Hands

For those who ride motorcycles every day and for extended periods, you may notice your hands becoming rougher and harder. If you have to show your hands to someone or touch someone’s skin, it can create an awkward feeling and might even make some people lose their confidence. Wearing motorcycle gloves can help reduce the chances of developing calluses because your skin isn’t in direct contact with the handlebars. Additionally, sweat stays inside the gloves, keeping your hands more comfortable. Therefore, it's better to wear them.

4. Soothes Blisters

It's not just about preventing rough hands. Riding a motorcycle for extended periods, especially on hot days, can cause your hands to sweat more. This prolonged contact with the motorcycle handlebars can lead to blisters. Some riders experience not just blistering, but also the blisters bursting while riding, which can lead to accidents. Wearing motorcycle gloves can reduce the friction between your skin and the handlebars, preventing blisters even on long, hot rides. Therefore, you won't have to worry about blisters on your hands anymore.

5. Minimize the risk of skin abrasion in the event of a fall.

When unexpected incidents occur, such as a motorcycle losing control and skidding, instinctively, people often use their hands to brace themselves and reduce the impact. This causes the palms to come into contact with the road surface, and in worse cases, they might get cut by gravel or broken glass. In such scenarios, motorcycle gloves can significantly protect your palms from scrapes and cuts. This is a major benefit that should not be overlooked.

MICROTEX Motorcycle Gloves

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Made from poly fabric, these gloves allow for excellent airflow, preventing stuffiness and stickiness.

They allow for 360-degree touch capability, reaching up to 3 inches.

Can use touchscreen devices without removing the motorcycle gloves.

The DOT button on the palm provides a non-slip grip

The elastic cuff stretches to snugly fit around the wrist, offering a high level of flexibility.

5 Reasons Why MICROTEX SPEED Gloves Are Your Perfect Choice

Stay comfortable while working, lifting heavy objects, or riding a motorcycle. This touchscreen glove is compatible with all systems, including Android and iOS. Choose from four colors: green, red, blue, and black. Washable and only 39 baht.


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