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1. Leadership Dedication and Employee Involvement

      Leadership sets the tone for safety culture within an organization. Our management believes that prioritizing safety for our employees starts with strong leadership. Leaders must set a good example for employees to follow, including top executives and professionals alike. Therefore, driving safety from top management, coupled with providing necessary skills and tools to employees to perform their tasks safely and healthily, will help foster a culture of participation throughout the organization. Moving in a direction that is safe ultimately reduces the incidence of undesirable events.

2. Effective Employee Training

      At SciAm, we believe that providing training to enhance the skills and knowledge of our employees within the organization will help raise awareness of safety. This is considered a key factor in reducing expenses or costs associated with risks that may lead to accidents. If every employee across all departments is familiar with the policies, regulations, and proper procedures, products will be of higher quality and the risk of workplace hazards will be minimized.

3. Positive Safety Communication

      At SciAm, we are well aware that our employees are valuable assets and integral to the company's success, generation after generation. We listen to concerns from all departments to ensure that our employees actively participate in safety matters. This collaborative approach helps us find solutions together, such as involving employees in evaluating personal protective equipment for their use, rather than simply imposing decisions on them.

4. Committed to ongoing improvement to optimize workflows.

      At SciAm, we believe that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy or method that works for every situation. That's why we constantly seek new strategies and embrace innovative approaches. We actively seek new knowledge from various sources, whether it's participating in training sessions with qualified instructors or listening to insights from safety networks like safety associations or relevant online forums. We then adapt and apply these learnings to our organization to foster personal and professional development for both the company and our employees. We maintain an open-minded approach, always welcoming and exploring new ideas.

5. Incorporating Daily Safety Morning Talks

      We believe that conducting Safety Morning Talks is crucial and should be prioritized before starting work. At SciAm, we understand that effective communication is key when working with others. Lack of communication can lead to problems and obstacles, including the causes of accidents. Therefore, we have brief 5-10 minute discussions where we emphasize safety-related issues, warnings, or reminders to prevent accidents from happening. Additionally, Safety Morning Talks also foster good teamwork among employees.

      All of this embodies our company's safety mindset at Siam Tombak Corporation Limited. We are well aware that many other companies share similar values and have highly capable personnel. Therefore, we continuously strive for improvement to ensure our company delivers quality products and services, while promoting the physical and mental well-being of our employees. Safety is paramount, along with fostering an environment of smiles and laughter among us.

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